This New Year’s Eve, my Mother and I spent time going through my all of my old finances, bills, papers, lectures, pictures, and books here at our estate in Florida. It felt great to throw away and shred things that I did not need anymore. I found items that dated back to my college days. Over the past couple of years, I have seen God move in my life. Taking me from place, to place from school to school, from situation to situation. Sometimes I followed Him willingly sometimes… I would gripe and complain.

This past year of 2010, has been the most fast/stressful year of my life. It started with me in a Master’s program in Mississippi taking an overload of hours, stressed out to the core, finances in the drain, and a dream on my heart to desperately finish what God had told me to do.  I made so many mistakes but I finished on July 1st, 2 weeks before I was accepted into Medical School which started July 16 .  Since then, with each exam, God has validated his promise to me.  I am so thankful.  Yet, I when I came to school, I was confused and filled with Anxiety. I didn’t even have a bed for the first 2 months. I slept on the floor, on the couch, at a friends house did whatever I could do with the  best I had. I was irritable, stressed, and frustrated. Even with all of that, God STILL blessed. Amazing.

Tonight, New Year’s Eve, after praising God for all the things that God has blessed me with this year, my Mother and I watched the movie Fireproof.  I’ve wanted to see this movie for a long time, but never had the right opportunity. The movie centers around a marriage that is falling apart. The couple tries and tries to turn it around, but gets frustrated.  Then something marvelous happens, the husband decides to fight for his marriage.  His wife, refuses to accept that he has changed despite every single thing the husband is trying to do differently. From cards, to flowers, to fighting his own addiction to Pornography, to trying to listen, to almost about everything, the wife still doesn’t want to trust. She is actually enjoying the attention of another man. In the end, when the Husband did more praying and was more consistent, things began to change.  The movie was such a powerful testament of what God can do and its something that my mother has been trying to tell me for the past couple of months. Only God can change hearts.

This is the perfect way for me to begin the New Year. Last year this time I wasn’t nearly as interested as I am now in following Christ. This year, I’ve seen God change people’s hearts. God changed the hearts of the Admission Committee and the Dean to allow me to return to Medical School, God has changed the hearts of my parents and our relationship has been soo much better, God has changed my heart and has introduced me to men of like faith that pray for each other every day in the morning. God Changes hearts.  My heart yearns for Him.  I make mistakes, I struggle. My mind and my tongue are still to quick and my ear to listen may still be too slow. But I will never forget how God validated me. My self-esteem. His love and His Care for me is supreme.  Its time for me to trust in Him more in 2011 than I did in 2010.   To make my Love for Him, Fireproof.

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