But Moses said, “O Lord, please send someone else to do it.”- Exodus 4:13

It was the end of the day, and Moses, being a shepherd in the hills of Horeb was tired.  He was exhausted.  This arduous yet lowly task of taking care of sheep wears on him.  Sheep are extremely docile and one of the most unintelligent animals.  These creatures lack initiative and must follow a leader, no matter how intelligent the leader may be.  Many times, a way ward sheep would cause the whole flock to become distracted and draw away from the desired path.  The shepard’s role is then to correct not only one,  but also the whole flock. Tirelessly, all day.

The 4o years since Moses left Egypt was a distant memory and though he wasnt regarded as a Prince or a highly successful general in the Pharoh’s military anymore, he was content. Content being in the Hills, content being surrounded by the lush grasses of the pastures, and content with his beautiful nubian spouse.  His Israelite family was far away and the freedom of being torn between two lives,  both an Israelite and part of Pharoh’s court was satisfying. Plus, advoiding having to face the maximum penalty for killing an Egyptian; Moses was perfectly content.  He was content avoiding his past.

But every wise man knows, you can not escape your consequences. For if you could, what form of education would exist for man that causes crisis; a turning point.  There in the far off distance, Moses notices a bush that is burning out of control.  First out of concern of his flock he investigates the situation, but then notices that the bush is not burning at all.  It is simply on fire. Yet, not being consumed.

Then out of the the eastern wind, Moses hears God’s Voice.  “Take off your shoes, you are on holy ground”.  Moses, recognizing who was talking did exactly that and started to hide his face because he knew God’s presence was near.  In the next few moments, God reveals to Moses his perfect plan to redeem the Israelite people from the hands of Pharaoh.  The challenge? The ultimate Question?  Not HOW was God going to do it, but through whom?

God’s choice of a leader would require extreme levels of character, strength, humilty, and wisdom.  Someone not torn between two lives. Surely somebody Holy.  Totally devoted, not someone raised an Israelite, with Egyptian tendencies.   Who would be so humble?  Who would possess the swag to enough to stand in front of Pharaoh and declare God’s authority to the King of the then known World?

end of Part 1

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