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Friday before Neuro Test

This day has been Crazy!!! lol.. First we had a lecture on Neuroradiology that is NOT on the Exam, the we had Physio Lab determining discriminative receptors, then we had a quiz that they actually put the answers on! 😦 (didn’t Count) Next we have a Small Group Lecture on the brain… by Dr. Turner. Pure craziness. Later on today we have lab presentations.. Hilarious day! smh..


Here is a normal schedule.


Friends from Mississippi

During the 2009-2010 academic year I was actually in Clinton Mississippi working on a masters in medical sciences. That program was probably the most rigorous program I had been in to date. Medical school is tough, but this program wiped me out! The program was designed for two years, but with Gods grace I was able to finish the program in 10 months. I also met some amazing people there. Ahn and Thuy were two of my good friends that were also from Clearwater, FL. In fact, Thuy lives across the street from me here in Clearwater! Lol.

The holiday season I’m grateful for friends. There are so many others that helped me and supported me.

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The Secret Hiding Place

This is my first blog from my new iPhone 4. Trying to test this new blog feature out. This past Christmas my family and I spent time together in Florida. The key to this spot will probably never leave my keychain. Lol.

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