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Friday before Neuro Test

This day has been Crazy!!! lol.. First we had a lecture on Neuroradiology that is NOT on the Exam, the we had Physio Lab determining discriminative receptors, then we had a quiz that they actually put the answers on! 😦 (didn’t Count) Next we have a Small Group Lecture on the brain… by Dr. Turner. Pure craziness. Later on today we have lab presentations.. Hilarious day! smh..


Here is a normal schedule.


iPhone blogging

Hey everyone. So I’m actually writing this blog from my iPhone. I’m actually thinking about starting a new blog straight from my communication device. Uploadinf pics as I see them uploadinf thoughts as they come. Seems like that would be pretty cool to try. Now that I have free time, I’m down to try whatever. 🙂 medical school is a beast and this will be a good way to chronicle what’s going on. It moves by so quick and indont want to miss it.